''Knowledge is the root of all good'' Ali ibn Abi Talib (as)

Amjad Yousef Majid
Amjad Majid
A postdoc researcher at ENS group, TU Delft
A postdoctoral researcher at ENS group, Delft University of Technology

Available MSc Projects
  1. Developing a deep reinforcement learning-based swarm robotic algorithm.
  2. Developing non-speech audio-based robot swarm behaviors.
  3. Developing swarm search algorithm. For more email me at [a.y.majid at tudelft . nl]

My scientific microscope examines topics related to Swarm Robotics, Deep Reinforcement Learning, and Battery-free Internet of Things (IoT).


With the Iraqi ambassador, Dr. Al-Alawi, during PhD graduation

With 2019 IEEE President Prof. Toshio Fukuda

During The Quantum Internet Hackathon.

During Idea League Doctoral School.

With the Iraqi high education minster.

First time we decode the signal.

On the cover of Delta

Battery-less robot

Gmail ID: amjad.y.majid
Mobile: +31616955224
Address: Mekelweg 4
2628 CD Delft, The Netherlands

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